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What Our Readers Are Saying

Diane Poole Heller PhD

Diane Poole-Heller, PhD

Attachment expert and author of The Power of Attachment

"John is leading the next generation of relationship experts to change the landscape of relationship improvement, making it more inclusive and incorporating the latest science. More than Words is a brilliant guide to deepening connection that everyone can relate to."

Juliane Taylor Shore LMFT SEP

Juliane Taylor-Shore, LMFT

Founder, IPNB Psychotherapy and neuroscience trainer

"More Than Words does a great job of weaving in the science that supports the need for connection experiences that are safe and warm and communicated beyond words. John has done a marvelous job of making complex science understandable and digestible without taking shortcuts or skipping over the details."

Carrie Contey, PhD

Carrie Contey, PhD

Family & parenting expert and author of What Babies Want

"If you want to transform your partnership, run, don’t walk, to John. He includes the latest neuroscience and attachment principles in his work. As a couples therapist, John is the best of the best. He can help any couple significantly deepen their bond, connection and fun together. John is awesome!"

Dr. Ellyn Bader, who practically invented couples therapy says:

“More than Words will enlighten you and give you a wealth of strategies to enrich your relationship in delightful, new and surprising ways. The path to build safe, rewarding connections is all here!”

More than Words John Howard Dr. Daniel Amen

Dr. Daniel Amen,

12x New York Times bestselling author, wellness guru, and Founder of Amen Clinics, put More than Words at the top of the list of books he's most looking forward to reading in 2022!

Read More than Words to learn how to deepen love and connection with the latest science starting today!


  • Why Connection Matters More than Communication
  • How the Nervous System works in Relationships
  • 90% of the information we communicate is out of conscious awareness
  • How to Hack the Brain to Deepen Love
  • The Power of Practice to Deepen Relationships
  • Why Process Matters more than content
  • Relationship as a Path of Personal Growth
  • The science of relationship health, and MORE..

About the Author

John Howard, LMFT More than Words Book

John Howard, LMFT

John is a Cuban-American who grew up in New York City speaking Spanish. He didn't live with his parents as a kid and eventually left home at 15. After years of traveling and studying native traditions, John discovered the science of relationships as a powerful way to heal his own attachment wounds. He has taught the neuroscience of couples therapy at leading conferences, has trained thousands of therapists, and led a relationship wellness program for Google, Inc. He is the Founder of the Ready Set Love® line of courses for couples, the Founder of Presence Wellness, and teaches at the Dell Medical School in Austin, TX.

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Happy Couple Ready Set Love

Busting 6 Common Relationship Myths

Your free guide to busting some popular relationship ideas with the latest science. Let's face it, we all have ideas about what relationships need to thrive, some from what we grew up around and some from pop culture, but what really works? Some common advice can actually make things worse. Here I bust six popular relationship myths to help you understand where to focus your attention for maximum results!

Couples Connecting Ready Set Love

Connection Cheat-Sheet

We get so busy in daily life, It's easy to forget to nurture our most important relationships with kindness and appreciation every day. We get caught up with work, kids, friends, hobbies, extended family members, and time for ourselves, but our relationships need feeding too. This connection cheat sheet will help you remember simple things you can do each day to improve connection and deepen your love. Post it on the fridge or in your closet and pick one action a day!

Couple Smiling

Secret Chapter on Attachment

This bonus chapter didn't make it into the book and covers attachment styles and what you need to know to deepen your connection using modern attachment theory, such as:

  • Understanding Your Attachment Style
  • How to Manage style differences and combinations
  • The principles of secure Attachment and how to Use them in Your Relationship
  • How Earned Security Can Heal Your Nervous System

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